Big Wishes for Little Feat

From author Cheryl Olsten, a picture book to inspire readers of any age to believe in their dreams.

A magical tale about facing the challenges life throws your way.

A horse named Lafitte De Muze, nicknamed Little Feat, and a young girl named Ella, who live on opposite sides of the world, are eventually brought together by a bit of fate, Ella’s quirky Aunt Anastasia, and a shooting star.

Little Feat’s lessons come early, as he learns to overcome challenges and turn disappointments into achievements. He rises to the occasion with a bit of determination and by not letting anything get in his way.

Ella, with her bright, inquisitive mind and adventurous spirit, faces an unexpected journey that will change the course of her life forever. The two are brought together in the countryside of the Kingdom of Belgium by their love and awe of the beautiful stars and constellations, which Ella and Little Feat look to for inspiration and confidence.

A story about true friendship, facing and overcoming obstacles, and most importantly, always believing.

What People Are Saying

From the story, to the message it conveys, and the beautiful artwork, Big Wishes for Little Feat is a wonderful book that should be added to your child’s bookshelf! The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and really add a dreamy feel to the whole story. Any child who loves horses will certainly adore this story as will any child that loves to dream.
—Feathered Quill Book Reviews

Cheryl Olsten’s children’s story, Big Wishes for Little Feat, is full of wishes and dreams and the power of believing. Using beautiful, colorful illustrations and the skill of an expert storyteller, the plot develops in a third-person narrative beginning with Lafitte’s story and then Ella’s, until the two connect and bond. The story is told with compassion and will help young readers really believe in themselves and their dreams and to have the courage to follow their dreams. Most of the story is narrated but there is sufficient, well-executed dialogue to help carry the tale along. The young reader will be instantly drawn into the warmth of this inspiring little story. A real treasure.
—Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

Seeing that the story is based on a real horse in the first few pages of the book makes the tale even more heartwarming than it already is. Even though Little Feat is very real, he stands as a metaphor for reaching for the stars—one that is bound to inspire and give hope to those of all ages. On top of Olsten’s wonderful and rich writing, Paolo d’Altan’s illustrations work in sync, bringing as much magic and awe to the page as every word. Furthermore, d’Altan uses a warm palette of colors that creates vivid and smooth illustrations that are bound to fill any child’s heart with adoration just as profoundly as Little Feat’s dreams and determination.
—Reviewed by Yousra Medhkour for US Review of Books

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Download printable constellations, Leo, Pegasus, and Orion. Get out your crayons, connect the dots, color, and begin to see the amazing patterns created by the stars above.

About the Illustrator
Paolo D’altan

I was born in Milan, Italy, where I work and live with my family (human and feline). When I was little, my father designed planes for my brothers and myself, and our “American aunt” gifted us our portraits on huge sheets of paper, which definitely had some influence on us; I was always drawing abstruse cartoons with my brothers. When I think of the illustrations from my childhood and adolescence, what comes to mind is an exhaustive, though not exactly chronological, list of colorful illustrations of underwater life, famous illustrators from Italy and elsewhere, and cinema in general. I thought I’d become a cartoonist, and for years, I drew only in black and white. After studying the classics in high school, art school introduced me to colors, and from then on, I haven’t stopped experimenting with diverse, expressive possibilities through traditional and digital techniques.

After studying classically and teaching myself fundamentally, I approached color by studying illustration in the fantastic setting of Castello Sforzesco in Milan. I have been working for advertising agencies in Italy, magazines, publishers, and illustrating children’s books and classic novels, affirming myself as one of the leading Italian illustrators. My work has been featured in both Italian and international exhibitions and selected and awarded in illustration annuals. I have served as President of the Italian Association of Illustrators.