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Mimi &
The Gold Baton

From author Cheryl Olsten, a modern fable about inclusivity, ambition, and following your heart.

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Big Wishes
for Little Feat

From author Cheryl Olsten, a picture book to
inspire readers of any age to believe in their dreams.

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Author Cheryl Olsten offers two great picture books to inspire readers of any age.

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We all have a story to tell; For me, I find pleasure and gratification in writing stories for children. Inspiration comes from things I see, an experience, a childhood memory. It starts with a feeling, a glimmer of what that story is about. The beginning, the end, and usually a somewhat hazy middle. Thoughts and images flow, images turn to words and words into pictures as the story begins to take shape. It certainly can be frustrating at times, it’s a process of writing and rewriting as you start to weave the parts together. A good editor is invaluable.

I grew up reading the classics: Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, The Golden Book of Fairy Tales. I hope you enjoy my stories that speak to fortitude, never giving up and happy endings.

Mimi & The Gold Baton

A modern fable that reminds us all that there is room on the stage for everyone.

Big Wishes for Little Feat

A magical tale about facing the challenges life throws your way.

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